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Denim Leggings [ 05.04.10 at 10:18am ]

For Denim Legging Lovers...

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[ 10.10.09 at 03:56pm ]

 Hey all,

I'm a fashion student and am doing a research about Wrangler. I have read a lot about the brand, but now I'd like to know what you as denim freaks and experts of jeans think about the brand! I'd appreciate, if you could answer these questions:

1. What comes to your mind when you think of Wrangler? 
2. Which words would you describe the brand with?
3. Is there something you think would make the brand better?
4. Which jeans brands do you normally wear and why?
5. your age /  country of origins

No right or wrong answers here, each opinion is appreciated! :) 
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new & sale [ 10.08.09 at 11:56pm ]

Hey everyone I'm new to this community.

I absolutely love jeans, practically live in them, so I thought this would be a perfect place to hopefully find great deals or the latest denim. 
I'm not quite sure, how putting items up for sale in this community works, but I just have one item for sale right now.

If anyone is interested,

I have a 100% authentic pair of 7 for all mankind jeans 60 dollars OBO shipping included

I can ship out first thing TOMORROW MORNING I will include delivery confirmation, and insurance if you would like since this is a high end item!

sz. 27
had them altered (I am 5 ft tall and they are EXACTLY to the ground)
worn 2x, and no fraying at the bottom or from washing.
light wash

will take pictures on request.
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Switch USA [ 27.08.08 at 04:38pm ]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone know what happened to Switch USA when it comes to designer jeans? It seems like they went out of business. Nothing outside of a few EBAY listings come up for them when Googled.

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[ 20.01.08 at 10:41pm ]

dig that denim?

[ 09.10.07 at 02:17am ]

yesterday I was having fun counting a number oа denim items on NY street via webcams... I failed on the 345 number
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Earnest Sewn <3 [ 10.08.07 at 03:27pm ]


Earnest Sewn is giving away trousers! I sooo need a new clothes.


It's at this site and you just show how you'd style highwaisted jeans...

One winner gets a jeans style named after them. I love it - It makes "getting labeled" actually a good thing :-)  lol



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EVERYTHING STARTS AT .99!!! [ 11.06.07 at 08:01pm ]


I'm selling a bunch of stuff I bought from Torrid and found in my closet.

The majority of it is New with Tags and they all start at 99 cents, the shipping is reasonable too, no paying 10 bucks for a pair of jeans.

Some of the brands I have are:

Z Cavaricci
Old Navy
Paris Blues
Hello Kitty

I'm selling t-shirts, dressy shirts, capris, skorts, capris, high waters, skirts, dresses, shorts and then some.

The sizes range from 18-26 in bottoms and 1x-3x in tops, but the waist measurements vary by designer so you may find something for you thats higher or lower than those sizes.


Good luck and happy bidding!
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Help? [ 10.11.06 at 11:14pm ]

Not sure if this is allowed. If not feel free to delete this post.

Can anyone tell me what kind of jeans these are? Thanks.

pic under the cutCollapse )
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[ 12.09.06 at 01:04pm ]

ok i'm facing a dilema can somebody help me out >< alright who is an expert on evisu genes? i need to know everything about them how do you tell the fake ones from the real ones? i've heard if it has a little red tag next to the right pocket its fake but how can a small thing such as that deem it fake? in fact it would be easier to bootleg just dont put a red tag on it right? also i heard that the "m" stops short of the two seams on the pocket and never overlaps but the ones on the actual evisu site do overlap on both sides. and what else? is it that easy to recreate the actual embossed evisu buttons? what about the stiching like if there are complicated things on there? how do you replicate a perfect embroidered koi of a real evisu? what else? whats truth and whats not?
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[ 27.08.06 at 08:38pm ]


Brand spankin' new mens jeans on eBay now! Size is 34x34 with a bleached tiger design on the right leg.
Free shipping after bidding reaches $70!
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[ 02.07.06 at 04:01pm ]

100% Authentic 7 For All Mankind Jeans - Size 26 - up on ebay!!

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[ 28.06.06 at 03:31pm ]

Stuff for sale on ebay link behind cut Mostly plus size some regular and a couple of lots.

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[ 26.06.06 at 01:03am ]

I have Hollister jeans, AE Jeans, Seven for all Mankind Jeans and Lacoste tops for sale or trade
Hollister Cali Dark wash size 5 retail $39.50
Hollister Cali Light wash size 5 retail $39.50
AE Light wash hipsters size 6 retail $39.95
Seven for All Mankind size 27 (3/4) retail $160.00
Lacoste Green Polo size 34 (2) retail $72
Lacoste Light Pink Polo size 34 (2) retail $72
Lacoste Red sleeveless Polo size 34 (2) retail $72


I will take any reasonable offer or trade. I would be interested in trading for A&F, AE, Hollister, Lacoste, Seven, or any designer purses or replicas.

Contact me for more pictures, measurements, or details. Thanks for looking!
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[ 11.06.06 at 05:00pm ]

Vintage Maverick Western Denim Jacket (36)

Starting Bid: $4.00
BUY IT NOW: $50.00
Shipping: $8.00 (USPS Priority)
Condition: LIKE NEW. Excellent vintage condition!

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Designer Jeans for Sale - x.posted [ 10.06.06 at 04:21pm ]

I have three pairs of designer jeans on sale, one pair of True Religion, Seven for all mankind and one Joe's jeans...for the TR and Seven's I had them altered so they will fit somebody who is 5'5 and under best, the Joe's are unaltered.

I take any form of payment and we can arrange a pick-up or I can ship them (I'm willing to drive too)

True Religion's are size 29 - $175 or Best Offer
Sevens are size 30 - $50 or Best Offer
Joe's are size 28 - $70 or Best Offer

Or I'd take $250 for all three!

I can provide more pics upon request!

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LEI, Mudd, Tommy, Z Cavaricci, Paris blues, Papaya, etc. [ 06.04.06 at 09:27pm ]

Hey I have stuff on ebay. Lots of name brand stuff Tommy, Z Cavaricci, Torrid, Zana Di, Paris Blues, Papaya, Angels, Mudd, LEI... etc the sizes range A LOT. The pic under the cut with all the sizes next tot he pictures. Oh and I am also selling some Anne Rice books.

Everything starts at .99. If you want more info on any of the stuff just let me know. Both pic and link is inder then cut.

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[ 28.03.06 at 02:53pm ]

Hello I'm new to the community.

If anyone on here is looking for a certain pair of brand jeans or anything let me know. I sell mainly plus size jeans on ebay. The biggest pain for me when it comes to jeans is finding one that fits and doesn;t look saggy on my butt. I don't even know what the people who make jeans are thinking sometimes. Apperantly if you are plus size it means your crotch dropped between you knees. I have jeans that I can pull up to my boobs and its getting rediculous. Plus I refuse to pay retail so that could probably be why its hard finding a good pair. Anywho... I just started a community so if anyone is interested in selling their plus size clothes come check me out the community is plus_size_ebay. I haven't even posted anything yet though I should since the stuff I have up right now is going end in a couple of hours. Oh well.

If any of you have a favorite pair of jeans or a specific brand let me know and I'll try and make you a deal on them (well if I can find it).
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BNWOT Miss Sixty snuffles jeans for sale, size 32, uk 14 us 12 [ 16.03.06 at 10:24am ]

Hiya :-D

Would anyone be interested in buying some Miss Sixty snuffles jeans in a size 32. I am looking for about £35 for these. I bought these off ebay but they are a little too big for me. I live in the uk but would post worldwide.

You can also check out my positive feedback on the niceboots community.

If you are interested please leave a comment
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The Levi’s® Brand Launches First iPod Compatible Jeans Worldwide [ 11.01.06 at 08:59pm ]


check out the link....!!! Are they just cashing in or what???
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